Scenes from the hood

Since our job provides housing Kyle and I moved from the newest neighborhood in Andong, Ok-dong, to the oldest neighborhood in Andong, Yongsang-dong, before we started our new job.  I thought I would dislike the new neighborhood because it’s older, the grocery store here is not as good, and it is not close to the bars and restaurants. Luckily, I really like our new digs.  I like the apartment better even though it is older.  It is more homey with a separated kitchen, living room, and bedroom whereas our old place was a two bedroom and we didn’t fully utilize the second bedroom.  Also, our new place is a shorter walk to the river and is quieter.  Granted, there are very few good places to eat around us but some good food is only a short taxi ride away and with the oven and more regular hours Kyle and I have been cooking more.  I have been meaning to take some photos of our new neighborhood as it is filled with old style houses and interesting architecture – and I do have a few but they aren’t that great, my apologies!

Basketball courts close to our apartment and the river.
The McDonalds bridge.
Teeter totters complete with the "Andong Mask" symbol in the middle.
One cool house.
Another cool house.
Old men chilling on a Friday afternoon.
New development in the area.
Sunset in Andong.

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