Kyle and I have started our new job and are getting settled into the new apartment.  It has been a busy last few weeks with moving, not having a hot shower for a few days, adjusting to our new schedule (class at 9), and then adjusting to our new, new schedule (class at 7:30).  All in all, we’re good but are still getting into the rhythm of things.

We did not experience any effects from the Japan earthquake/tsunami.  Korea and Japan are very close and even fight after a small island, Dokdo, in the East Sea and we are thankful for being effected by this disaster.

Since it has been hectic Kyle and I decided to take a weekend trip to Seoul.  It’s not always “relaxing” when we go to Seoul but it is nice to get out of town.  We did two “big” things:  one fun, one not fun.  First, we went to the dentist. Kyle had some work done and I got my teeth cleaned.  It was a much easier dentist visit for me than for Kyle.  After the dentist our consolation prize was a booze cruise on the Han River.  I didn’t take pictures of the dentist so pictures of the cruise will have to do!  The “cruise” took off from an island in Seoul called Yeouido and consisted of going up and down a small section of the Han River.  Mexican food and craft beer were served on the boat which was the real draw (no more of this Cass/Hite/crappy Korean beer!).

The first part of the day we spent getting lost and looking at cool buildings. Then we made it to the boat before sundown and saw the romantics pedaling away in their Swan boats (in the background of the bottom, right picture) or tandem bike riding. The island is very touristy but is a cool place.
A muted  sunset.
We then enjoyed a muted sunset and being on the water.
From the boat.

It was a fun trip and nice to do something different – now, if we can just get the waking up at 6am thing down…….

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