Daily Life

Many people may think life in Korea is completely different from my life in the U.S.; and it is.  But it’s also very similar to my life in the U.S.  I still work each day and look forward to the weekends, I still go to the gym and exercise when I can,  I still cook food and go out to eat.  There are a lot of similarities but the one big difference is obviously doing all these normal things when English is not the native language.  Once I get past the initial feat of doing these things it’s just like normal and what I’m used to (of course with some Korea quirks).

So everyday life, consists of working for eight hours, running, eating, and playing.  Korea, similar but very different…..it’s fun, funny, frustrating, and exhilarating and sometimes all those things at once.


Cooking - chocolate banana pancakes (!!)


Eating food! (Italian)
Working (for the weekend)


I don't actually use these exercise machines but they are in a lot of parks here and I think they're funny.





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  1. Kinda forgot about your blog…cleaning out some old emails and ran across your link. You are so very creative! Love, Your Momma

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