This is what I got

Kyle and I threw a white elephant holiday party on Saturday.  There’s always that point at the start of the party when you think that no one will arrive and you are worried your party is a bust.  I totally thought that.  But then one person came, and another, and another, and so on.  We had a hodgepodge of food and even had crab cakes and oysters,  pork loin (so delicious), and too many desserts.

The white elephant part was fun even though it was really unorganized.  Kyle came away with two bottles of wine and I got the best gift – a plastic dinosaur.

Also given as gifts:  a child’s toilet seat, a lot of booze, and two of these animal hats that are really popular in Korea.  They’re cute but I would not be caught dead in one.

It was fun to open a present earlier than Christmas and now I’m ready for the real thing.


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