It’s that time again

It’s the end of the semester when we have numerous parties for the kids.  We had a chicken party this Wednesday and I have mad over 100 (no bake) cookies for a cookie party today.  The funny thing about a “party” at school is that anything can constitute a “party”.  The teacher can give out the smallest piece of chocolate and then it will be a “chocolate party!”.  Kyle passed out coins the other day to tape to pen pal letters to send to America and so that day was a “money party!”.  It cracks me up how excited the kids get about things.  I like their idea of turning anything into a “party!” and think I may incorporate this into my own life.  Coffee Party(!!) anyone?!?  I just woke up.

The best chicken EVER! Kyochon, so delicious.
The kid, who is the cutest kid in school, his little brother just joined. Double the cuteness!

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