Mountain High

We went skiing this weekend at High1 ski/golf resort.  It is full-on ski season now and High1 is a popular place.  The slopes were bigger than I expected and very similar to American ski slopes.  Kyle and I were able to rent ski clothes, boots, and skis and everything fit!  It was really nice.  Kyle even impressed me with his snowboarding ability and I didn’t even fall once – Champion!


It was a nice sunny day out, but a little crowded.

Snowboarding is really popular with younger people in Korea and I would say that most the people on the mountain were snowboarders.  But not the best snowboarders – a lot of people would fall and sit down on the mountain for a long while.  I think I saw more sitting than boarding.

And my snow companions:

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  1. I was there a couple weekends back!!! and did you get the gloves there? I think I’ve the same exact pair!! heehee

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