Weekend Update

Kind of like Saturday Night Live but not as funny.  Or maybe as funny, but not in writing.  Dang.

Anyways, this weekend was fun and it never ceases to amaze me how BIG Seoul is.  It is so huge, the subway system is so vast, and it seems you turn the corner and are in a new neighborhood.  Very cool but it can be very overwhelming too.  Luckily there are an abundance of coffee shops to duck into to get out of the crowds and have a little peace and quiet to yourself.

Kyle and I rode the late bus to Seoul and arrived around 1:40am.  It wasn’t too hard to find a motel because Seoul really is a city that never sleeps.  Koreans also have odd sleeping habits; it seems they can go without sleep and just get by on naps.  I need a quiet and dark room and a comfy bed.  None of this sleeping on the bus/train stuff for me.

We got up on Saturday and headed to Insadong.  Kyle checked out a coin shop and we window shopped.  Whenever I go to Seoul I’m always shocked at the number of foreigners (like me).  I hardly ever see foreigners around Andong, just Koreans, but in Seoul it seems like there are foreigners everywhere you turn.  It’s a great place to people watch.


Also, like in most of Korea you can be in a densely populated area and right behind you is a mountain, which I think is pretty cool.  Even in Seoul this is true.

After hanging around Insadong, we met a friend and walked around a neighborhood near Insadong.  The neighborhood was full of traditional houses with the modern city built around them.

I love this shot and as Adam said in a(his) prophetic voice, “It shows the duality of Korea”.  The old and the new – very cool.

After some coffee and the most delicious brownie I have had in Asia (which may have also been the first brownie I’ve had in Asia) we set off for a night on the town and the Flaming Lips concert.  It wasn’t so easy to get there with our (Kyle’s) luck with taxis and all.  More to come soon.


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