Sexy Pig – a revelation

Sexy Pig is the name of a restaurant in Ok-Dong, the area in Andong I live in.  We are spoiled in Ok-Dong because there are many restaurants and bars in the vicinity.  Ok-Dong is an up and coming neighborhood in Andong and has changed for the better since I have arrived.  New stores, restaurants, and apartment buildings always seem to be popping up.  Anyway, back to Sexy Pig.  I don’t know about it being sexy, but delicious it was.  It was ribs, real ribs.  They give you one plastic glove to wear to eat the ribs, which I think is funny, and the ribs come with the usual banchan.    Ribs were devoured; the evidence below.

A heater and pan on the table to keep the ribs warm.
Usually, there is no diet pop in restaurants and the coke comes in charming glass bottles.

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