Ginseng Tea, my savior

I am notoriously cold in fall/winter/spring/anything with the hint of cold in the air.  I am not a fan of the cold to say the least.  Korea gets cold.  The climate is pretty similar to Nebraska’s minus the intense snowfall.  When I came in March last year it was still pretty cold.  At Kyle’s suggestion I have started gearing up for this winter.  I bought a Patagonia coat, am looking for a vest, and need some stylish accessories to keep my hands and head warm.  Don’t laugh, but I am eying a hat from the Disney store that just moved in next to school.  There is no Mickey logo on this hat as there is on some of the other “resort” items at the Disney store.  (Really, how funny is that a Disney/Mickey store that sells clothes for grown people?  It’s not a tourist store but a serious store…for some reason I find this oddly hilarious.)  Kyle also bought a small heater to aid our ondol last week.

Beyond my outerwear armor, I have picked up a tip from some Korean friends:  ginseng tea.  Ginseng tea is supposed to warm “cold bodies” and those bodies are often women’s.  There are ginseng stores about every block in Korea (okay, maybe not that often, but there are a lot of them) and I do not know how they stay open because there is never anyone in there.  I stopped in and picked up some ginseng tea and I am going to see if it warms my body.  If I don’t freeze before then, I’ll let you know if it works.

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