The best things about style blogs right now…..

is…..Kendi‘s 30 for 30 challenge.  It’s great see what the style bloggers put together to step out of the house in – and the best part is that there is no shopping while doing the 30 for 30.  It has inspired me.  When I first came to Korea I felt naked, not because I didn’t have clothes, but because all I could bring over was limited to two suitcases.  Four seasons in two suitcases!  Could you imagine!  Yes, you probably could, but with my closet I had before and all the clothes in it…I couldn’t imagine it.  But, now I can – I am dealing and doing okay.  Just as the 30 for 30 challenge incorporates remixing, layering, and trying new things with your clothes, so did coming to Korea with only two suitcases.

It is hard to shop here because I am slightly bigger and taller than most the women here and don’t even get me started on Gmarket.  It’s a seizure waiting to happen – just try to buy something.

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