Sunday Funday

Sunday of the “hiking” trip was spent exploring a huge cave, eating more food, and checking out a traditional market.


"Hiking" to the cave. (It really was steep!)
We made it!

The cave was really big.  I was worried at first because I thought it would be a lot of stairs and walking, but the cave was relatively flat.  It was huge once we were inside the cave but on the way in and out there were so many displays – it seemed more like a museum than a cave.  There were displays on the history of mining in the area and even displays for children.

One of the kiddie displays
Limestone: 1,000 years = 1cm


A few more random things:


Random stop on the side of the road. This tree is 650 years old.


This is a picture of the hike we were supposed to do but we arrived to late on Saturday. I'm sure the picture is almost as good as the real thing, right?



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