“Hiking” in Korea

Kyle and I took up an offer from the Director of our school and his wife to go “hiking” this weekend.

Korea = mountainous

I insisted that we needed hiking clothes for this trip so I made Kyle go to Emart with me 10:30 Friday night to get some hiking pants and gear.  As it turns out, this trip wasn’t quite what I expected (as is true with a lot of things in Korea).  We didn’t hike but we ate a lot of good food, stayed at a nice place, saw a cave, and spent time taking in the cool, clean mountain air.


Kimchi and soybean pots –  outside refrigerators.
The place where we stayed, High 1, is a golf and ski resort.
We are in hiking clothes, but don’t be fooled, we are not hiking – just going for a leisurely stroll.
One of our traveling companions – Kristina.

At night, we went to the main hotel and casino.  It was much more crowded.  We walked around some more and ate at a traditional restaurant.  The waiters kept bringing food and after our lunch I couldn’t eat that much!  Our lunch, or as I like to call it “meat feast”, was filling to say the least.  We stopped at a small town, went to the butcher and picked out five different kinds of meats and then went to the restaurant to barbecue it at our table.  So for dinner, after the second course I was full.  In all we had salad, soup, sashimi, duck, black pig, beef on the bone, bulgogi, rice, noodles, and fruit for dessert.  The best was the duck and tuna sashimi, the worst was the octopus sashimi…ick!  After dinner we played a challenging, traditional game that kings used to play.  You had to throw sticks into three holes – it’s more difficult than it sounds.


Champion! Ha ha!

I will post some more pictures of our Sunday, non-hiking, activities soon.

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