Halloween Preparation

If you can’t tell, I love Halloween!  And Halloween isn’t even celebrated in Korea  Luckily, a friend is having a Halloween party and invited all the foreigners with the request that everyone wear a costume.  I am not into the “sexy” costume (thank god!), and as my last post hint at, I am going to be a unicorn.  I think it will be an innocent, clean (as in proper), and an especially warm costume (because it’s freezing out!).

Not finished ~ and there is an awesome horn to go with it.
I insisted that Kyle help me make 200 "ghost pops" for the children.
Cute, right?
Chili or any other hearty soup is a must for Halloween. I remember growing up and eating a great soup before trick-or-treating and having a dessert of too much delicious candy afterwards.
Kyle's bowl (his way - many, many saltines).
And, what I like to call "creativity juice". A must for anything Halloween related!
A final illustration from a student...I just hope it's not of me.

P.S.  Candy isn’t even that bad for you…I think I always knew this.  Is Candy Evil or Just Misunderstood?

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