Hahoe Village

Hahoe Village is place I have been meaning to get to since I have arrived in Korea.  I had planned to go with co-workers time and time again but it never happened.  At the urging of a friend (Adam – yes, it’s you!)  I knew I had to get out to Hahoe Village before it got too cold.  Kyle and I had decided to go to Hahoe Village this weekend instead of going to Busan.  The Pusan International Film Festival was going on this weekend in Busan (the “B” and “P” are interchangeable) but we decided not to go because next weekend we are going to Seoul (shopping for me!!!) and wanted to save a few bucks, or won in this case.

Hahoe was recently named an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a historical village about a forty minute bus ride from the city.  The village is surrounded by the river and the river is then surrounded by mountains and hills.  The village exhibits traditional Korean living and ancient architectural styles.  I was surprised by the amount of people exploring the village but it was still peaceful and beautiful.  It is always refreshing to get out of the city and it was a gorgeous Fall day to spend at Hahoe Village.


Kimchi jars



The rice paddies turn golden this time of year - a beautiful contrast to all the green around.



A super cool remnant of a tree



Good Night Hahoe Village


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