The Martha in me

At home in Nebraska I relied heavily on canned goods.  I love making soups and it seemed so easy with huge, cheap, salt-laden cans of chicken broth and other ingredients available.  In Korea there is no such thing.  The closest I might come is a huge bag of kimchi or the ridiculously overpriced can of baked beans.

I wanted to make chicken noodle soup and for the first time I was forced to make my own broth.  And, it was pleasantly easy!  Like all the recipes I looked at online said I just threw whatever vegetables I had on hand in some water, added some bay leafs, salt (not too much), and pepper and let it simmer.  I am not the best cook (not the worst either!) but this turned out edible to say the least!

It's better than it looks - I swear!To the broth I added carrots, onions, celery, garlic, peppers from the garden, and some sort of leaf I picked up from the store for 990 won.  After straining the broth I picked out the choice veggies to add to the actual soup and tore apart some already cooked chicken and not-yet-cooked noodles to make a decent chicken noodle soup.  I have made some (surprisingly) pretty decent meals lately:  shrimp scampi, bean and cheese quesadillas (thanks parents for the Mexican seasoning!), and stir-fried tofu with carrots and red peppers (Kyle even liked it!  It was really good – I swear!).  I really think I’m becoming a better cook –  the “Martha” in me is coming out!  Now, on to chili…..

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