My favorite things around the home

Things that are making me happy around the home (apartment):

In the frame: a print Kyle picked up from a thrift store in Japan. The vase and flowers: the vase I made from an old stir-fry seasoning bottle and wrapped with the rope from the flowers. Flowers: from the street vendor. Piggy bank: where I save my millions and gazillions!
A his and hers of whiskey and wine. Apples and the rare and expensive (in Korea) avocado to supplement.
A flower by the bed - a must when you have them.
It's no coat rack but the hooks help keep the house clean (and the dart board up).
Rugs - they bring me an unbelieveable amount of joy. The pseudo wood floor get so gross and dirty so it's nice to able to step out of the shower, dry your feet off on the rug, and then place your dry feet in house slippers or house moccasins.
More flowers in yet another makeshift vase
I cannot forget Scrabble. A great game and I actually beat Kyle once or twice!
And, of course, my favorite thing in the apartment.

2 thoughts on “My favorite things around the home

  1. Did you read The Elegance of the Hedgehog yet? When you do we must discuss. I LOVED that book.


    1. I have sad news about that book…I have not finished it yet! I am half way through and still not loving it….at all! I need some motivation to finish it!

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