So, as I said in the Andong Mask Dance Festival post I think of Andong as a podunk town but I supposed that isn’t entirely fair to label Andong that way.  Andong is a touch under 200,000 people but it seems much smaller.  It is based around agricultural activities and is steeped in folk and traditional history.  There are many open spaces and not crowded like the urban areas in Korea.

That being said there are some things to do but not a ton of options for entertainment in and around Andong.  I feel a bit like a kid saying “there’s nothing to do!” about their hometown and it makes me feel bad and is not entirely true.  With the weather turning to Fall there are many options for fun ~ most of which I need to take advantage of soon.

There is a bevy of traditional sites, museums, and temples.  There is also great hiking in Korea.  I have yet to experience more things in Korea but with due time it will happen.  Mostly, I have been enjoying hanging around the home with the occasional night out with too much soju.  Life is pretty mundane but happy and like one of my favorite podcasts, Slate’s Culture Gabfest, I would like to endorse a few things that I am into right now.

TV shows: Mad Men ~ like most shows it’s best to watch from the beginning and it really is brilliant.

Weeds ~ a pretty good show.  A bit hokey, but really, what show isn’t.  A shout out to Christy’s S.O. (significant other), Jeff – the show only gets better the more you watch it!

Entourage ~ meh…it’s over but was entertaining I guess.  It’s a Sex and the City with guys instead of ladies.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League ~ both on FX and both are hit and miss.  I think they used to be better last season.

No, I have not yet watched Jersey Shore.  Kyle is trying to convince me to watch it arguing that we are missing out on a piece of current culture.  Not necessarily relevant cultural but I am warming up to the idea of watching it.  Any other suggestions for TV shows?

Books: I just started the third installment of the Stieg Larrson trilogy.  I am excited to finish it and want to see the movie after I finish this one. The second book was great and I’m hoping the third one is even better.  I think I am going to read some books on North Korea next.

Movies: This is a difficult one.  It takes a miracle for Kyle and I to get through a movie.  I cannot tell you the number of movies or TV shows that we have tried to watch and the stopped after fifteen or thirty minutes into it.  It’s not that I don’t like movies it’s just that I think most movies and TV shows are crap.  That, or I can’t find the good ones out there.  That being said we reached quite the milestone because over this past month we have finished two movies:  Annie Hall and the original Wall Street.  I liked Wall Street and am hoping the new Wall Street comes to theaters here.  We have two theaters in Andong and usually there is at least one English language movie playing.  My fingers are crossed.  I am taking suggestions for movies as well….

I do have a lot of other things going on in Korea (trying to learn the language (tough), cooking, eating, teaching, friends, running, lounging (very important!), ect.) but I will cease to bore you now!  I hope everyone’s day is as beautiful as can be!

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