Happy October

October is upon us once again.  That means Halloween is soon approaching as well.  I could argue that Halloween is one of the best holidays out there.  Aside from the tasteless (a.k.a. slutty) costumes out there I absolutely love Halloween and costumes.  I will definitely dress up this year even if it is just me in an odd costume sitting in the apartment with Kyle looking at me with an odd expression all night.  I am not the most creative person in the world but I think a Halloween costume must include creativity and not just a lack of clothing.  I have been struggling to come up with a good costume this year but am leaning towards being a unicorn (yes, I just wikipedia-ed “unicorn”).  I’m think the costume should be easy to make but need to think up of some more details for the costume.  I am not sold on the unicorn costume idea and am still brainstorming to come up with a better costume.  Must get creative……Here is my costume from last year, which I thought was funny because Ria (a.k.a. Cher) was my sidekick as a hunter.

And the action shot:

P.S.  I was a peacock/pheasant and my eye makeup was out of this world!

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