Andong International Maskdance Festival

The International Maskdance Festival started this last weekend and Kyle and I scooted down there to check it out on Sunday (we literally did “scoot” down there, on the scooter).  I was thoroughly impressed!  To me, Andong seems a bit like a podunk town without much going on.  But the city workers cut the grass by the river for the first time and set up some parking spaces and people showed up in masses.  I was surprised it was so crowded.  Also, I had never seen so many foreigners in Andong in such a short amount of time.

The festival seems really neat with a lot of shows, dances, booths, food, and other sorts of entertainment.  I’m hoping to go back this weekend for more festival activities.  You can make your own masks and I saw two booths that sold Halloween type costumes – I’m in! Here are some quick pictures of the festival.

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