Japanese Food

While in Japan Kyle and I ate a lot of ramen because it was inexpensive, easy, and delicious.  We also tried a few other things including sushi.  I don’t have any sushi pictures.  The sushi was fresh and tasty but I wasn’t blown away by it.  There was whale sushi but I did not try any.  Whaling is a big issue in and outside of Japan.  I thought it would be wrong to try it.

One night we tried yakitori which is different meat that is skewered and cooked over a small charcoal grill.  The meat is usually chicken, beef, or pork and is seasoned exceptionally well.  To my surprise I thought the pork yakitori was the best.  The yakitori restaurant seemed like a small neighborhood joint.  A good place to have a few beers and eat a local dish.

Another scrumptious surprise was something like a tiny runza.  I didn’t catch the name of this morsel but it reminded me of a dumpling with a doughier shell.  The dough was chewy and a bit sweet and the inside was filled with seasoned and cooked meat and onions.   It was the closest thing that I have had to a runza since leaving Nebraska.  This was a snack that I’m glad Kyle grabbed right before we the left the train station.

I wish I would have gotten more than three!

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