Japanese Ramen – the real deal

One of my favorite things to do while traveling and a good reason to travel is food!  I love eating and trying new things.  The food in Japan was so good.  I don’t know how they do it, but the ramen was delightful.

Ramen is distinctive in each region of Japan and the ramen in Kyuhsu, where Kyle and I were at, is made with a pork-bone tonkatsu broth and thin, non-curly noodles.  When I think of ramen I think of salt bombs.  In my mind ramen is college boy food.  But this ramen was something else.  The flavor was so light but still present in perfect proportions.  The noodles were a bit chewy and there was usually some green onions, the tiniest amount of pork, and only once was there a bit of mushroom in the dish.  It was so simple but something that I am now craving.

I almost forgot.  One of my favorite ramen places experienced in Japan was a chain called Ichiran.  You go in and get a ticket from a vending machine and then sit down in your own “small booth” space.  There is a curtain in front of you and dividers on the sides of you.  You fill out a card indicating how you would like your ramen.  After you hand over your ticket and order card a bowl of steaming hot noodles appears in front of you in less than three minutes.  Then you slurp your noodles in silence.  And by slurp, I mean slurp!  There is no eating ramen without slurping.

A seat at Ichiran
How would you like your ramen?
Waiting patiently

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