Japanese Baseball – The Soft Bank Hawks

One afternoon Kyle and I went to a baseball game in Japan.  It was held at the Yahoo Dome.

The dome is in a nice section of the city called Hawks Town.  It is close to the ocean and there is a bit of shopping nearby.  The game proved to be exciting for about one inning.  The first inning.  There were 10 points scored in the first inning with the score being eight to two.  The home team, the Hawks, were up.  The final score of the game was nine to three. It was fun to experience a Japanese baseball game since baseball is the most popular sport in Japan.  The best part about the game was the non-stop cheering. This was the most serious cheering I have ever seen.  There is a lot of cheering at Korean games but this cheering was major.

There were several men with trumpets, drums, and other instruments who would start and end the cheers.  Everyone had thunder sticks and knew the cheers.  There was certain ways to wave the thunder sticks and precise times to make noise with them.  The cheering did not stop for more than a minute. The men leading the cheers wore different robes depending on who was up to bat and did some serious flag waving with an array of different, heavy-looking and huge flags.  I think the cheering was more entertaining than the game.

Check the robe - he put it on and took it off throughout the game
Note the different robe. The waving of flags looked like hard work.

Everyone also received flags with their admission tickets.  Check out my enthusiasm:

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