Quick Japan Recap

1. The city of Fukuoka was beautiful and did feel European.  It was well laid out, the transportation was easy, and the city was quiet.  A gorgeous canal ran through the city and the amount of bikes and biking were impressive.

2.  Ramen, the real thing, was unbelievably delicious.  It was so simple and light but ridiculously good.

3. Less English and interest in Americans compared to Korea.

4. Fun times in a nice neighborhood bar with drunk Japanese business men.  The conversation was in broken English and I’m just glad Kyle knows a lot about baseball.

5. Speaking of baseball, saw a game at the Yahoo Dome.  The Soft Bank Hawks vs. the Lotte Chiba Marines.  There was ten runs scored in the first inning and the final score was 9 to 3.  The real attraction was the synchronized and constant cheering though.

6. And one more thing right now….I saw the Power Rangers.  No joke!  And I have the pictures to prove it!

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