D – Lish – Us

Delicious…but you have to say it like that…D – Lish – Us.  I don’t know why…it’s just more fun to say that way.  Anyways, one thing that is delicious is gimbap.  Gimbap is a bit like Korean sushi…..but with ham and no real fish.  Gimbap is made of danmuji (pickled radish), carrots, a fish cake, ham, rice, and what ever else they want to put in it – then it is all rolled up in seaweed.

Yum Yum

It’s quick and cheap.  It’s 2,000 won (close to $2) and the Korean restaurant right down the street from work makes it in under three minutes.  Perfect and easy for a big snack or a light meal.

Chowin' Down!

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