Best Sister Ever

So, it’s true.  I always knew it was true, but now it’s official.  I do have the best sister ever.  A few weeks ago I longingly and wishfully posted about wanting a slew of September issue fashion magazines.  Nothing important, or obviously, anything I need but something I wanted.  Well, I asked my sister to send me a few things I had ordered from the U.S. of A. (cosmetics WITHOUT skin whitening products in them).  She agreed to graciously send me my stuff and little did I know she sent along a whole other box full of my wants and needs (Starbursts and Skittles are needs, right?).   Check this out:

I will be busy reading for the next week

There are six magazines in all.  Besides the magazine and candy were some much appreciated and much-needed printed out pictures of my family and my adorable niece, Meah.  With digital photography I never have pictures printed out, so it will be nice to have actual photos of the family around.

Check out the middle picture - sister is so cute in her graduation get-up!

I am one happy girl and owe it all to my sissy:

Not very good quality but I wanted to use a picture that Christy had sent along - she looks great!

Thanks Sister!

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