Happy Birthday Kyle!

Kyle’s birthday was on Friday, August 27th and that was also the last day of one of our English teachers.  She is leaving because she received a Fulbright scholarship and will be in China.  To mark her going away and Kyle’s birthday we went out with some other English teachers and a few of our co-workers.  There was cake and beer, so it was a good night.

Kyle and his birthday cake. He's with our Korean co-workers: Christina, Yung-Jung, and Min-Young. Ben, another English teacher at a different school is in the corner there.
Current and former co-workers: Hyunjoo, Ah-young, Rachael, He-rin, Yung-Jung, Christina, and Min-Young

I thought I had more pictures of that night but I guess not.  Kyle’s students also gave him many presents (cute notebooks and cards) so I will leave you with a photo of what some of this students drew for him.

A white board full of Happy Birthday!
Some of the messages may be slightly inappropriate but the kids do not know that and are all meant in good spirit.

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