Au Revior Kiddies

The end of the semester is always a joyous time.  Teachers get the kids all sugared up on junk food and candy so for once you could be all of the kids’ favorite teacher if you have the best goods.  Buying pizza for the older kids goes a long way and cookies are always good for the younger students.  It is a good way to end the semester and leave a good taste in the kids’ mouth for the start of the new semester (except for those fish flavored chips.  They leave a really bad taste in your mouth.)

The end of the semester also marks Kyle and mine six month mark in our year-long contract.  I know much more now than when I first arrived and am more comfortable in knowing how to handle kids and how to teach.  The kids have both been a blessing and a curse.  Some are cute, some are bratty.  I imagine they are like children anywhere.  No matter what the kids are like everyday I continue to improve on what I am doing.

Here’s some photos of the children I teach:

Jelly and Kitty. (They picked their own names)
John. Poor boy, he's in a class with all girls
Mimi, whose name was formerly Rose, formerly Tiffany, and formerly a few others that I can't recall. The young ones like to change their name whenever they feel like it. She is also one of my favorite students (I know, you aren't supposed to have favorites....)
1, 2, 3, Kimchi!
Some of my older students
Terrible Terry (he's really a good student, I just like to joke with him)
Sally 2, Angela, and Sally 1 (creative in the naming, I know)
Some of my older students being bratty and not wanting to take a picture with me.

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