My Costco Trip

Going to Costco or Sam’s Club or even the regular grocery store is a common thing for many of you and looked at as a task rather than a privilege.  Just another way to spend too much money.  Well, in Korea I got the chance to go to a Costco and was very excited for this trip (but also nervous because I knew it was going to cost me way too much as well).

Kyle and I went with our friends Jesse and Erin who have a Costco card that they were so gracious to let us use.  Costco is in Daegu, so it was an hour bus ride to get their.  Once arriving the store was packed full of Koreans in too big of groups but it was sample Sunday which is my favorite thing about Sam’s Club at home!

We were able to pick up some REAL cheese, tortillas, Bombay Sapphire (the best gin), oatmeal and Tim Tams.  Tim Tams are a delicious treat from Australia and is made up of two layers of chocolate biscuit, separated by a light chocolate cream filling, and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate.  Lots of chocolate and lots of deliciousness!

Sometimes I don’t know what Korea is doing to me because I get a kick out of the slightest things, such as going to Costco.  But it does mean that I know have tortillas so it will be Mexican food all week with Tim Tams for dessert!  So, as boring as it sounds, going to Costco was fun but not as fun was toting all our goods back on a taxi to the bus station, a bus home, and another taxi home.  Somethings are not as easy in Korea!

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  1. When I lived in the USA my mother used to send me TimTam care packages. I think I ate more TimTams while living in the US than the rest of my life in Australia. Funny how living o/s makes certain things seem more important and more a part of you

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