Here’s Chloe:

Chloe looking cute

She is a yellow lab possibly mixed with something else.  She is still just a puppy and is all legs and bones.  She’s a bit awkward in her own body and does things like chase her tail and bite her paws.  I like to think of it as self exploration.  She is cute but is still work.  I feel bad leaving her home for eight hours a day while I go to work because she has a lot of energy, but I take her to the park every morning and night so she can get her exercise in.  She really is a great puppy and pretty well-trained.  She has not yet gone to the bathroom in the house except for number one on her pee pad and she usually knows how to sit, shake and lay down.  Dog-sitting has made me realize that I am not yet ready for a dog.  What does this say about me..?  Sadly, I think it says that I am selfish…but I look at it as a positive.  At least I know that I am too selfish for a dog at this point in my life!  Keep it positive, right?!?


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