Goraebul Beach

This weekend Kyle and I went to a beach about an hour and a half east of Andong with some friends.  Andong University has had a free bus running to Goraebul Beach lately. (Of course, you are supposed to work at the University to take said bus, but I guess we know the right people – Thanks Mijin and Chris!)  It is 8 kilometers of beach with many things to do such as boat rides, water slides, tubes to rent and food to eat.  I just layed on the beach though.  It was a hot day, so I wanted to get into the water, but like I said I mostly layed on the beach….because……the water was freezing!  I went in once or twice and came out like an ice cube.  Not like the Philippines at all, but hey, it’s a beach!

Kyle chilling with the ladies

We also got to observe Koreans in their natural habitat.  Most of the Koreans at the beach did not wear their bathing suit but instead opted for a long sleeve t-shirt (with a hood sometimes!) and shorts.  They like to keep out of the sun’s harmful rays and also aspire to keep their skin as young and white as ever.  Really, it’s smart to wear all those layers to avoid the sun but at first I didn’t know if they were trying to stay out of the sun or wearing their clothes to stay warm when they got into the water.

Koreans also have a belief that burying oneself in the sand is good for health.  I do not know the whole story on this, so please google if you want to learn more.  With all the people buried on the beach I felt like I was tip toeing around to avoid stepping on or kicking anyone!

Three people buried on the beach. Can you see all three?

Couple bonding time?

Overall it was great to experience a fun Korean beach, relax, and spend time with friends.

Going for the "Jumping with the umbrella" picture. Corny, I know! Ready? One............
And the graceful landing

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