Post Vacation Depression

Don’t worry it’s not anything serious!

Vacation was like something out of a dream.  It truly was paradise.  Although, it was a bit tough to come back home to Korea.  There was a long day of travel involved and Kyle and I were coming home (to Korea) but not coming home, home (to Nebraska).  The long day of traveling, Kyle being pretty sick (I felt so bad for him) and the layover in the worst airport ever (see “Manila Airport…sucks post!):  the combination of  all those things got me down a bit.

Flying back into Korea reminded me of coming home from studying abroad in Australia.  Australia was a great time but I experienced some homesickness there.  I flew back into Omaha when I returned and I remember seeing the lights of the city of Omaha and being really excited to be home.  Well, Kyle and I flew back into Seoul and seeing the city lights was pretty but it reminded me that I was not home, home.  It did not help that we still had two bus rides totaling four hours before we got to our house in Andong and we just came from a beautiful place with anything and everything we could ask for.  Andong is great but we cannot get any kind of food whenever we want and most importantly it is still a half of world away from our family and friends.  I think I am getting over this sadness, but I just wanted to share because everything is not always roses but it’s life and I’ll take it!  Overall, life is full of ups and downs and you just have to be able to handle both.

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