Food Eaten

Vacation was great.  Great place, great food = great time!  I was waking up real early to eat breakfast because I “had” to eat two lunches per day to get in all the food I wanted to eat.  There was American food, Korean food, Greek food, Mexican food, Persian food, sushi, and much more.  Of course, there was Filipino food too.  The first thing Kyle and I ate upon arriving was quesadillas and a hamburger.  Forget to island seafood, we wanted some comfort food!

Other yummy meals were at a Persian restaurant called True Food; they have a great yoga studio upstairs the restaurant.  The yoga class overlooks the ocean and is a difficult but rewarding class (a good class to work off the 2-lunch a day regimen).  Another great second lunch was a falafel.  And then of course there were the afternoon crepes, which were really fresh and delicious.  The crepe was cooked and assembled right in front of our eyes and included bananas, chocolate, and ice cream (how could it not be delicious!).

I don’t have many pictures of the food eaten (probably because I devoured it so fast..yum!) but one of my favorite meals that I do have pictures of is lobster and prawns.  Kyle had his mind set about a month before we left that we were going to eat lobster.  Near the end of the trip I was a little worried that we would not have enough time to eat lobster but we cleared our stomaches and our schedules and fit it in.  We were able to pick out the lobster and prawns that we wanted and then they were cooked to our liking.  The prawns were gigantic!  They were the biggest prawns I had ever seen and the lobster was very colorful but still a bit scary because of its claws!  But…once cooked, not so scary.  Both the prawns and lobster were perfectly cooked, buttery and delicious.  I would have to say that the prawns were my favorite.  I still dream about them….aaahhhh…..

Yum Yum!
Sunburnt Kyle and his prey
One cooked prawn. It was like two huge shrimp put together.

Cheers to a great dinner

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