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Vacation was in Boracay, Philippines, which is an international vacation spot.  It’s growing to be a hot spot and is pretty developed for an island in a country is not all that developed.  The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands.  Boracay was a small island in the middle area of the Philippines (in the visayas: Info about the visayas).  Boracay has a 4 km long beach and is developed for pure entertainment and relaxation.

There are hawkers coming around all day trying to sell you any number of boat rides, ATV rides, or other thrilling expeditions.  One of my favorite things was taking a sail boat around the whole island.  It took about three hours with a stop for snorkeling.  It was very thrilling and relaxing at the same time.  Here is the boat that I sailed on…the Hanes boat:

Me claiming my boat

There was also plenty of relaxing.  Masseuse were available for less than ten dollars per hour to massage you on the beach and the drinks were ridiculously cheap:  $1 for a San Miguel beer and $2 for a fresh fruit margarita or daiquiri.  I’m not really a margarita or daiquiri girl but these were too delicious to pass up!

Other vacation activities (which I don’t have pictures of..) included jet skiing, sea kayaking, a sunset cruise, visiting the “zoo” and seeing the adorable monkeys, and inter-island tour which included going to the highest point on the mountain to look out over the island, playing scrabble, plenty of book reading, and eating lots of delicious foods.  I can’t decide if I miss the beach or the food more!  The zoo (small, not really a zoo at all) took place on the inter-island tour and of course K and I forgot the camera.  So we went all old fashioned and bought a Polaroid.  So I apologize for no monkey pictures!

Sailing off into the sunset

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! We need a skype picture show soon. My mom took most of the pictures on our trip but I have a few and she is supposed to send them to me.

    So glad you had time to relax.

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