Happy Fourth of July Korea

And to all those in the motherland.  Yeah Independence!  We celebrated here in Korea with hamburgers, mayonnaise based salads, booze and even fireworks.  Although, I’m pretty sure we were the only ones setting off fireworks; I was happy and surprised that they were sold here.  Overall, a great time and a way too late night!

Check out my friend, Adam’s blog for a great video and a small recap on the Fourth of July in Andong, Korea:

2010 Fourth of July video

P.S.  Oh, and while shopping at the grocery store for BBQ supplies a live eel jumped out of the tank and was flopping around on the floor.  The store was really busy and the other shoppers in the store just walked past like it was normal, and of course, I let out a scream and everyone laughed…it was kind of gross…

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