Woobang Land

I recently went to the amusement park in Daegu, a city a bit over an hour from Andong.  Daegu is much bigger than Andong and two former co-workers live there.  We went to Woobang Land and it was a perfect day for an amusement park:  no rain and not too hot.  Woobang Land is rather small compared to amusement parks in the U.S.  It is much smaller than Worlds of Fun and for some reminds me of Adventure Land.  Even though I have never been to Adnevture Land, I have an idea in my head that this is what it would look like (I think it’s because of the Adventure Land jingle that’s always in my head during the summer…~Come on over to Adventure~~~We’re gonna have a fun filled day~~~….Those damn commercials!!)  Google the Adventure Land commercial tune if you don’t know what I’m talking about; it will be stuck in your head all day.

Check out the hills in the background. They cover Korea and are especially pretty since they are green with vegetation now.
Hyunjoo and I. She will leave for Denmark soon to visit her bf.

Woobang Land has a huge tower that overlooks the city and some pretty good rides, although I thought some of the rides were rather jerky.  The bumper cars were by far my favorite.  There was also a performance towards the end of the night.  It was an Elvis, Micheal Jackson, Beyonce and Lady Gaga tribute type thing…interesting, but I didn’t stay for all of it.  Overall, a bit of a thrill was had at Woobang Land.

The MJ Tribute. I even saw the Moon walk! Look how fast they move!

Daegu at night

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