The Fruits of my Labor

This is about my garden and really, I haven’t done much work to make it look so good, but it is the best looking garden I have ever had.  I am anxious for the peppers and broccoli to start exploding.  Kyle and I, with the sweet/awkward help of our apartment landlord planted cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers.  We have a huge cucumber and have already ate some of the lettuce.  I love having a garden because whenever we are out of vegetables we can just run outside and pick something from the garden.

The landlord has been a big help.  After some

One thought on “The Fruits of my Labor

  1. Your garden looks amazing! I’m going to send pictures of mine as well and we can compare. Although my brown thumb is especially strong this year and half of my garden didn’t even come up! Oh well. Miss you! xoxo

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