Jeju Island

I recently took a trip to Jeju Island, a small island off South Korea.  It was a really cheap and quick flight to Jeju.  After a two hour bus ride to Busan, the flight was 40 minutes to the Hawaii of Korea.  Here are some pics:

The tallest waterfall in Korea.  Gorgeous!

Women divers selling raw fish on the rocks by the sea.

It was albolone and it wasn’t very good, for my  tastes at least.

There were numerous people enjoying it around us though.

This is Kyle.  We could not rent something cool like a scooter, but had to rent a golf cart to cruise around Udo Island, an island off an island.  Pretty cool, but we eat early bird specials and are now driving around in golf carts…I swear I’m not in my 70’s!

I’m on a boat!

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