Teaching in Korea

And the main reason I am n Korea…teaching.  I never in my whole life thought that I would be teaching children.  All through my college career I couldn’t fathom how people would actually want to go in education as a career choice.  Now, I hands down applaud those people. They are brave!  And they deserve so much more respect than they probably deserve.
Teaching was never my dream job but after studying abroad in college traveling, living and working abroad was definitely one of my dreams.  After college I got a nice job with the State of Nebraska.  I was working in a fun department and in the fun field of Travel and Tourism.  I was able to take on projects and take on responsibilities that were challenging but that let me grow.  I am thankful to have such a great job right out of college.  I had been at my job for two years and was feeling a bit antsy.  Of course, all through college I said that I just wanted to get out of Nebraska.  Now I really like and appreciate Nebraska.  But after feeling antsy and looking at my different options I found the work of teaching abroad.  I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me.  I am young and wanted to grab life by the horns!  If I didn’t do it now, then I thought I never would.  I didn’t want life to escape me and things pretty much fell into place with the teaching job.  I was lucky to meet one on one with a recruiter (very rare) and she walked me through the steps of all the paperwork, ect..
Now to the actual teaching.  Before I left I had not thought a lot about teaching and what it would be like.  Of course, I was nervous and had no clue what I was getting myself into.  Teaching is different everyday and it can be very challenging at times.  I always have to remember to keep my cool.  You cannot let the kids get to you, that is when you lose control of the class.  I had no training or even job shadowing before my first class so I had to figure it all out very quickly.