Summer BBQ'in

The weather is warmer and it’s finally starting to feel like summer!  I love warm weather and being outside.  Last week we bought a grill for 16,000 won, so less than 15 American dollars.  It is a nice sturdy grill and the first attempt at grilling was successful.  We grilled burgers with the neighbors and the burgers were delicious!  I have not had a hamburger since I left Nebraska so I happily chowed down!

2 thoughts on “Summer BBQ'in

  1. Looks like so much fun! I wish I could buy a grill for $15. What would real Koreans grill?

    1. They have tons of restaurants that serve galbi. It is seasoned beef and is really good. They grill it at your table and cut it into little pieces (they use scissors for everything here!). You can also grill some peppers or garlic, then you take a piece of lettuce and wrap up the meat, garlic, maybe some soybean paste, kimchi…you wrap it in a little ball and put it all in your mouth at once. Yum!

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