Weekly tidbits

Afternoon run on the Guadalupe Trail. Only a few more weeks before the half. My first thought on the trail was “I can’t wait to walk this trail!” – ha!

2018-03-22 16.27.44

2018-03-22 16.27.36

108 sun salutations to welcome in the Spring season and especially relevant with starting a new job on Monday….2018-03-23 07.26.58

2018-03-23 07.27.09

2018-03-23 07.32.15

2018-03-23 07.40.36

2018-03-23 07.49.01

2018-03-23 07.49.06

Some thoughtful things:




The first sun in days

It’s been rainy and chilly in CA. Good news is that the rain will turn the hills green and make the wildflowers pop; bad news is the rain is supposed to continue through next week. Fortunately the sun peaked out just before 5pm the other day for a nice burst of sun – spring is trying to break through!



Ashtanga Yoga Confluence

Months ago I was alerted to the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence. If I attend I would have the chance to study with David Swenson again. I was fortunate enough to see him last year at a workshop and knowing that he was going to be at AYC was one more incentive to attend. I bit my tongue and paid the price; and now that I’ve attended I don’t regret a penny of it.

The conference featured the OG’s of yoga – so much wisdom, graciousness, and love….it couldn’t have been better. A bonus on top was being able to attend with friends from the SJ/Bay area.