Thankful for

Thankful for


It’s Thanksgiving week (woo hoo) and although it’s not a holiday in China (no days off work, boo) I’m still feeling the Thanksgiving vibes. The air turned cold today and we broke out the gloves so that helps with the Thanksgiving feeling. Kyle and I went out to eat (for the first time ever on Thanksgiving) and I’m looking forward to no cooking or dishes!

Thankful for life, love, family and friends (always!).


ZGJ Weekend

ZGJ Weekend

A good couple friend from Shanghai moved to the nearby city of Zhangjiagang this year. It’s only an hour and half bus ride from Shanghai (two with traffic) and finally this weekend we made up north to visit this relaxing city and dear friends. It consisted of hanging out in their apartment and eating but it was nice to spend time with friends especially in ‘less hectic than Shanghai’ atmosphere.

IMG_0887 IMG_0888

IMG_0892 IMG_0890 IMG_0891  IMG_0893  IMG_0896 IMG_0897 IMG_0899    IMG_0902 IMG_0903     IMG_0908

Lately: Beginning of November

Lately: Beginning of November

I was in Beijing last week for work and boy was it smoggy! After a busy week in Beijing I returned and went to the first NCAA basketball game in China: Washington vs. Texas. A recap in pictures below

I felt like this a lot last week.

2015-11-13 17.04.28

But days go by and on to Beijing.

2015-11-13 10.24.23

2015-11-13 10.28.34

2015-11-13 10.39.32

2015-11-13 10.39.47 HDR

2015-11-13 10.39.47

2015-11-13 10.40.52

2015-11-13 10.40.55

2015-11-13 10.41.46

2015-11-13 10.42.36

2015-11-13 10.47.22

2015-11-13 10.57.30

2015-11-13 10.57.35

2015-11-13 11.01.13 HDR

2015-11-13 11.03.09

2015-11-13 11.09.28

A selfie with Mao is a must in BJ, right?!

2015-11-13 11.10.01 HDR

And back in Shanghai – our Uber driver’s creepy dolls below.

2015-11-14 09.04.18

2015-11-14 09.15.47

Fighting bears at the Mercedes Benz Center where the basketball game was held.

2015-11-14 10.54.26

2015-11-14 10.54.50 HDR

2015-11-14 11.32.45

2015-11-14 11.35.28

2015-11-14 12.05.15

And my new friend with a pearl necklace at the nail salon.

2015-11-15 15.14.42