I am here now

I am here now


After some visa hassles (more to come) and lots of travel I have made it to Yoga Teacher Training at Rishikesh Yog Dham.

Day 2 so far and it is not all fun and games (like I hoped) but I am still looking forward to learning. Kyle dropped me off and left today to go diving in Southern India. Part of me wants to go to the beach with him, but in the end I’ll be glad to have completed the training and have to 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certificate.

Early to bed now because a 5am wake up comes quick!

Missing family and friends – here’s to a quick 28 days!






Delhi, the Taj & Beyond

Delhi, the Taj & Beyond

Kyle and I arrived in India after a few flight delays (China flights are always delayed, now I’m used to it!).  We stayed in the heart of Old Delhi across from the Red Fort. The location proved convenient for getting around the city. On to Agra and the Taj Mahal we went and now in Jaipur.

India is everything all in one and no mix of words can truly describe it. But I’ll – a few things:

  • Fascinating.
  • Exciting, dirty, loud.
  • Peaceful and colorful countryside.
  • So many animals!
  • Food – rich, heavy, delicious food.

Here’s a few scenes from the trip so far.


Winning *big

Winning *big

And by big I mean small. The most exciting prize was wining a dining voucher upon check-out. The dining voucher is only good for the Macau hotel we stayed at and since we aren’t planning to return anytime soon we really just lost (again) the chance to use the voucher.

Even with so much losing Macau was a nice break. Coined ‘The Vegas of the East’ it was a lot tamer than the real thing. Macau is a mix of China and Portugal and was the first and last European colony in China. It was considered an overseas territory of Portugal until 1999.

Our trip to Macau was short but sweet, and rainy. We did our fair share of checking out the casinos and ventured out to the rain soaked streets for a look around Macau Island to get a better feeling for the Portuguese influence in this China territory.

The casino. I learned how to play roulette and lost a lot…


Chinese New Year decorations all around: Happy Year of the Monkey!IMG_1530



And Kyle’s last ditch effort to win something…and he did!IMG_1549



It’s supposedly ‘the coldest week in Shanghai in 25 years‘! It’s cold and especially cold as our house is not made for this kind of cold. To stay warm Kyle and I hibernated, made soup and yoga’d (just me, not Kyle..). Sending warm wishes out to the world!

Lunch dessert: creme brulee.


Team night: movies, mulled wine and onseies.


‘Every thought is a choice’


In Recent Times

In Recent Times

It’s been grey (read: smoggy) hear for over a month. I haven’t seen colors in over 30 days. And lately, it’s been quite cold….this time of the year is the worst in China! On a positive  note I’ve still been out and about exploring, but also staying home cuddled up by the heater with my book. Some recent adventures out below.

Dogs in China, so many small ones. This one was being really naughty running around the sidewalk and terrorizing people but when I tried to snap a picture it ran back to the safety of its house and started going crazy. Check out the pink ears and tail too!


A Sunday afternoon splurge, Kyle and I went to Charlie’s for burgers and some dirty fries. The Arnold Palmer was spot on.



Some special jewelry.



A good question! Luckily since I live in China and dogs wear pants here (not joking) I know the answer!


Dinner and concert date: Uva and Toro y Moi.


Books for days

Books for days

I was not naturally ‘a reader’ but Kyle has had a good influence on me in this department (in the cheese department, not so much…). He’s a big reader and always has his nose either in his phone reading or an actual book. I raved about the instapaper app before (Longform is also great) and here it goes again. It is great for saving articles which I can then read later during my down time, waiting at elevators or before bed.

As of the new year I’ve been craving to read an actual, real book, not just short and long articles. Right now I am reading The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, which is a nice, easy read and pretty interesting.


Making the decision of the next book to read gives me anxiety (dumb) as I don’t want to invest my time in the wrong book. But I’m sure whatever it will be, will be great. A few  I’m thinking of are:

The Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


Furiously Happy by Jenny LawsonFuriously-Happy

Purity by Jonathon Franzen


The Cartel by Don Winslow


What book are you enjoying?

First Full Weekend of 2016

First Full Weekend of 2016

I don’t count last weekend as truly 2016. We were all coming down from New Years and likely our heads were not wrapped around the idea that it really is 2016 (I still feel a bit like this, still writing 2015).  The first fill 2016 weekend in Shanghai brought a nice, peaceful albeit smoggy (always) weekend.

From yoga, K-food, quiche and reading:

K-dinner with friends.

2016-01-09 20.00.14

Sunday morning quiche.

2016-01-10 11.00.43

Yoga-ing (so good).

Some of my favorite weekend reads: