Kyle’s Haul

Kyle’s Haul

Kyle’s back! After a delayed flight he’s back and kicking it in Shanghai. Not only did he bring his beautiful self but also quite the haul for me. Much appreciated.

Along with a good stash of face wash, crystal light and some fun teas I was beyond delighted that Kyle brought my back records! Now my dream of having a record player in China will come true. While it won’t be the best quality I’ll be able to get a record player on Taobao: Alibaba’s Ebay for China.


Our apartment was made for a record player with built-in record storage.


Kyle’s “bags”:

kyle's bags


Taking Stock | 1

Taking Stock | 1


Making : Sweet potato breakfast bake.
Cooking : Roasted sweet potatoes and paprika skillet chicken. My chicken didn’t turn out very well…and I obviously have a thing for sweet potatoes
Drinking : soda water, trying to drink less wine. Trying
Reading : The massive Vogue September issue and some yoga books (thanks Kyle!)
Wanting : Some fall booties
Enjoying : Coffee on the balcony
Watching : Trainwreck
Needing : Nothing
Smelling : Our weekly office flower delivery
Wearing : lightweight dresses as it’s still hot, humid and rainy in SH
Thinking : About my goals for the fall
Feeling : Nostalgic for summer pool days, I’m not admitting that Fall is coming.

{Inspired by Keria, who was inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip.}

The Last Week of August

The Last Week of August

A quiet week in this space means a busy week in real life. Kyle’s back (!) and a steady stream of visitor have been through. Of course there are some interesting and consuming work projects going on, on top of trying to be social and healthy in Shanghai. Sometimes it’s all not possible but I can try.

Thursday was Kyle’s bday and a night out for delicious Yunnan food with friends was in the book. Dinner at Lotus Eatery, a Yunnan restaurant was the bday boy’s choice. Any place with fried cheese and mashed potatoes on their menu is good with me!


Lotus Eatery – I can’t go here without ordering the goat cheese.


Entrance at Lotus Eatery



Not Lotus Eatery but some Friday night street food. After a work event til ten and rushing to meet friends, a little street barbecue and noodles were in order to make it through the night.


Kyle and his noodles.



Just some mannequins and wigs hanging out in the hallways. And a random shot from the work elevator. I love that in China you see such much random stuff all the time.

Yoga Latelys

Yoga Latelys

Still doing yoga. Still loving yoga. It’s a great way to stay healthy but also vital for my mind. Because I love yoga. It is such a good metaphor for life. Right now I’m injured and yoga reminds you that it’s not all physical, it’s not just posing but getting to a pose, going through the process and to continue working to go beyond. It’s about giving it your all but in a measured that will bring happiness.

Jingan Yoga

Jingan Yoga


Jingan YogaJingan Yoga

Weekly Shanghai Scenes

Weekly Shanghai Scenes

August is rolling through with lots of work, new projects and a little fun.

IMG_3463The palm trees outside my office. Even when it’s dull and grey out spotting one of the many palm trees in Shanghai makes me happy. It usually makes me lust for vacation too…

IMG_3464These fruits shops are on every block. I will never run out of bananas.

IMG_3465Chairs, so many chairs. Seeing random hauls of chairs is one of my favorite things in Shanghai.

IMG_3469Why are so many people gathered around looking at this cat? Why? I don’t know, but I guess I did stop to stare at the people staring at the cat…

Sprucing Up

Sprucing Up

Kyle and I left for vacation soon after moving into our apartment so after returning to Shanghai I’ve been trying to make our apartment more home-y. Trying, as I’m not much of a decorator.

I’ve ordered some art (on its way) and bought some plants and called it a weekend. I may try to get some rugs and am pining hard for a record player and have the perfect place for it in the living room….

house plants

Kitchen plants and a start to our “bar”.

colorful house plants

Yes, the living room is ‘that’ green. Not sure how I feel about it…

bookshelf and plants

wall art Tin Tin

Jing'an Apartment

A new Sunday morning ritual: coffee, cordless (only notebooks) and (grey) Shanghai on the balcony/laundry room.

Sunday morning in Shanghai